Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


The Cheshire R-sole


Town slipper



You may mock, but those with taste wear such fur lined slippers out to town, and to fashion shows…



Any wonder why he was dropped recently!
Worth knowing the pjs are from a firm that only make women and kids clothing.

What a cun#


No mocking here, slippers are the middle aged man’s right of passage.


Behind closed doors, yes.

Out in “town”?

FFS. No.


I have no idea who that is


My guess would be some kind of soccerist - he looks shifty and frail, formation-falling-down would be a natural bent for him.


On his head?




Hector Bellerin.

Off of the Arse

Aka rear gunners.


I’ve worn worse :unamused:


Are you referring to the mullet and mo’? If not, :scream:


Me wànt

But way too spendy …


Some of the gear I wore behind the drumkit was positively horrific. It was a large kit so I had to do something to get noticed.


Fair enough. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t born in the times you are describing, for which I give thanks.



Now those I really do like. Less chunky than a lot of the Trickers stuff.


Most of the Trickers stufff on here is their Country range which is heavy and chunky, they also do a town range which is lighter and sleeker.
Having said that Edward Green is a step up again, especialy in price.
I have been round quite a few of the Northampton sites as we have an office up there that I get to on a regular basis.
Annoyingly I have found the best for me for work and formal type shoes on fit (and price) are Cheaney.
Annoyingly because they are not in Northampton but Desborough which is 20 minutes from Northampton in the wrong direction for me!


RIP Lance


Go on you twats, have at it.


Matching socks and specs?