Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Not sure the horizontal striped socks are flattering…


Cankle :scream:




And Banana?


Please get it repaired.


Tomorrow my yellow imp. Picking it up at first light.


Have you matched your shoes and socks to the floor to camouflage your feet?


What feet?



Good morning campers.

Today’s lesson is titled “Go suede or go home”.


Needs a polish. :expressionless:




Many years ago I was working Islamabad. Whilst out at the British Council, the cleaner took my suede Hush Puppies from my room (without asking) for cleaning. The next morning they were returned shiny!! - they were so thick with polish it was unbelievable - totally ruined


Extra ugly shoes today, Allen Edmonds Walton.


Shoe / sock combo provides surprisingly good camouflage against GWR upholstery.


I was fined for less on an Italian train. :smiley:


There is a special place reserved in hell reserved for people who put their feet on train seats.

My foot in the photo was about 1/2 an inch above the seat.


You are blending exquisitely with one of the most execrable colour schemes ever conceived by haters of good-taste - and you are flaunting it?!

Have A Word With Yourself!


Don’t worry, no one ever watches the drummer.




Work sensible today