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Wedding at 3pm




Desborough ?


You have mis-spelt weeding.



Desborough (Cheaney) has become my supplier of choice but these were beautifully made goodyear welted calf leather but cheap online only from Duggers of London. I think they were about £120.00 and made in Portugal.

Plenty of articles about the firm online but their website seems to be down


How come your not wearing your mucking out boots?




“Please note: due to the nature of the oryx leather, each trainer is vastly unique”


Yeah, I did do a cringe there.

Or perhaps they are preparing you to receive a trainer that looks like strips of doner kebab sewn together.

“Contents may differ from those shown”


I cringed at the look of them.


If it’s “roaming the savanah” it won’t be the Arabian farmed ones nor the American ones (strange, but they dumped a load on their old nuc test sites), the ones in the wild are in short supply. I’m guessing this Sweeny shoe won’t be around for long, buy them now before someone pops it on Facebook and dumps a load of conservation concerns at them.


Like your face.


I like your irony.


I like your terrible, ineffectual replies.


I like your irony.


On a scale from 1 to Banned, how much do you like it?


I like “Our Cobbler - in - Chief”… What a load of Cobblers.


Don’t worry Tristan, I won’t really ban you. You remind me how funny the Wam used to be.


Thanks Mark.


So much sincerity :smiley: