Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Fuck no!

No no.




They might rise to the dizzy heights of “Merely Fucking Horrible” once they’re finished :ok_hand:


They will show piss stains when in the pub really well. :rofl:



Are they some form of mutant Ugg Boots? They look like they have the molt.



1 part bad taste
1 part sketchy eyesight
1 part one-born-every-day
1 part overexposure to progressive rock
1 part: Strine
1 part poor impulse control
1 part drunk-in-control-of-a-credit-card

No idea what that adds-up to, I can only count to 3.



I’d keep those fuckers away from those flames.



These are particularly cunty, half price at the moment :scream:


You may as well take up Morris dancing as well, if you buy those.

Repulsive isn’t a bad enough word.



Perfect for that little-girl-starting-primary-school-in-the-1950s look, complete with socks made from old sacks cos, you know, rationing…


Or these from Barkers



Just need a heavy roller…

And ta daaaaa

Clown shoes.


Stop posting images of them!



I think those are magnificent. Where can I buy a pair?


Tropea :+1:


Ah, I see, thanks.

I was really only planning on traveling as far as the keyboard.



I had assumed they were home made :astonished:




They do look like a 5 year old’s craft project. :joy: