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Are those Oxford baggies you are wearing? :flushed:



turn up fluff collector


Shoe with slight hint of small man syndrome platform sole?




I’ve had another look, and I think you’re right, they’re definitely about 1/2" thicker than your average sole.

Add another 2"-ish and I’d be as tall as the wifelet.


Hope they’re as good as Hunters used to be…
I’ve moved on to Skellerup Quattros - cheaper, comfier, better sole and more solid.


I’ve worn them daily since I got them. Birding and walking the dogs over wet/rough ground and I’m happy with them so far.


They’re definitely NOT what they were. However, they are still better than many of the competition.


Bog standard Loakes.

Look brown in the gloomy office light.

Are actually black.


My last pair (Royal Scot) lasted just over a year - same as Muckboots did.
Gumleaf did quite well at a year and a half, as did Hoggs of Fife = both of these were around £80 (especially as the hole in the Gumleafs was caused by hot angle-grinder fragments)
L’Aigle failed at about 2.5 years and Skellerup have managed 2 so far which isn’t bad considering they were about £70 and the L’Aigles £120ish. To be fair, I did have to put £12 gel insoles in the Skellerups to make them anywhere near as comfy as the L’Aigles.

This is mainly through steep woodland, over brash, brambles etc so they have a hard life!


TBF, mine are 10 years old. But newer versions still get good reviews from people locally.


Not Hunter Originals, I guess… They’re so bendy and flimsy you’re guaranteed to fall over if someone says the word “mud”.


One of the best shoes on this thread. You can’t beat the traditional timeless styles.


Adidas Gazelles.

Timeless classic. Never tries too hard.


Nice, I like the American Long Wing. I wonder if they make them for the US market.


I have a long wing pair identical to those from Herring.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same as Loake are one of Herring’s suppliers.




Cheers. I’ll give that a try.

When I started to Google “Adidas” it suggested “Yeezy”.

Uhh, no thanks. I look like enough of a cock already.