Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Not Gazelles, but I’ve just bought a pair of these.



For the new walking commute


They are very not hideous. Do they have a compass in the heel?


I’ve drawn a map on the tongue.


Ive got a pair of the same. Great for wet weather. I don’t find them as comfortable as I’d hoped though.


Wore them out last night and must admit to sore feet after a few hours.
I put it down to new boots.


You win the thread, they are the nicest shoes to be posted in a long time. :+1:


Bet they didn’t cost 1’6 :wink:


Sadly not.


Didn’t realise shoe shining was still a thing


After safety razor shaving, mirror shine is the next faff for the would be gentleman meat-sack.


What do you mean next?
It has been going on way before the shaving thing, just never started a thread about it.
Would never do mirror shine however unless patent shoes


Ooh get you.


I’ve polished 4 pairs of shoes this week.


I could tell you the story of a pair of suede shoes, a hotel in Pakistan, and a concierge who spends all night polishing!


Not sure I could stand the excitement.


Shiny toe box


My local, and highly esteemed, quality shoe shop proprietor, who is in his his 70’s, advises to use as little polish as possible, and to finish off by wiping the shoes over with a cloth damp with methylated spirits in order to remove any excess polish. Polish stops the shoes from being able to breath.


I wonder what the ending is?