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What is the sizing like for Trickers Stow boot?
The Bourton shoe I have is at least half a size bigger than stated, what is the last like on the Stow?


I’d say true to size.

I take a 10.5 in most things, and I wouldn’t want the Stows I have to be any smaller than the 10.5 they purport to be.

The exception to the above is Loake. All the ones I have are 10.


Stow boots true to size for me, but as you say Bourton comes up half size too big - which is the mistake I made


I wore purple suede Gazelles everyfuckingwhere in my 20’s.


I couldn’t help myself when I saw some of Lothar Wagner’s handiwork at 1/2 price in Cotswold Rockbottom…


Latest purchase
Tricker’s Stow. Cross hatched burgundy brogue.


So do they fit?


Perfect :grinning:

Just got to send the other pair back now.
(I believed you, the other pair were a different finish not a different size).


Excellent, and good to get some confirmation for the future too.


Just the thing to pair with Bermuda shorts and black knee socks.



Racing shoes albeit primary school


Treated myself to these while in the dam last weekend. I have a pair that I bought four years ago in grey, comfiest boots I have ever worn.


GREY!!! :rage:


JB you do really need to get yourself away more, the daily grind is getting the better of ya


Maybe, but…GREY!!!:rage:


Just a man at C and A



I’m with J.B - G R E Y is not Okay.


Grey’s anathema to me