Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Fuck that’s bad.


I’m pleased someone got it



He wasn’t the only one, I think most of us were ignoring! :grin:


I saw these for £550 In Kyoto yesterday (felt tres smug).


Cobblers in Kyoto. Much shoe maintenance faff. They’d just fitted new Vibram soles to a pair of New Balance trainers and replaced the leather N on the sides. I was stunned. The only downside was the cost was £100.


Shoe foo ?




BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


How do you report a post again?


Nothing to see here - move along.


Isn’t that the site of that guy(?) off HFS who does that hifi blog that he thinks is funny?


Quite. Mouthpiece for he who shall not be named.


Ha ha !! Suddenly the thread title is very apt. :slight_smile:


I have / had no idea. My online periscope goes no further than this site.


Presumably in the 私たちは、あなたが来るのを見ました Shop.


Right, I’ve had a poke around.

I’ve only seen that “blog” once, when someone posted a link here to a particularly spiteful personal attack on Duvet / Danny, which among other things tripped over Godwin’s law in the first sentence.

Post duly nuked (and my bookmarks deleted).


The Rufflander WW1 boots have arrived. Had that made with rubber soles and heels. Great fit but at least a couple of weeks to be break them, like walking on planks at the mo.


That’s actually an alright bit o footwear.


Are you getting some for “work”? :joy: