SME 3009 - any condition - wanted

Business interest…

Has anyone got a 3009 cluttering up draw that has other stuff in it kept for a rainy day?

  • It’s raining! I’m buying - As many as possible.

    Condition not important unless: It’s been BBQ’d, / used to ward off burglars / buried under your patio (with the other stuff you found ‘irksome’.)


I’ll pm you some pics tomorrow.

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Try Mike (Stylesound) on the wam.

Yes I have one, series 3 with oil bath thingy. Let me know if you want pics etc. Cheers Dave.

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Anyone else got a beaten up 3009 or parts knocking about?

Yep got an S2, but it’s not beat up, recent new stub connection rubbers. Came with an early 401 I bought in October.