SME 60 Factory Overview

Fascinating to note some of the isolation methods of the 60 and the creation of the new SME V ‘A’ arm (CNC’d Resin not magnesium).
Whilst the machining and engineering is unquestionably superb I can’t help feeling they are somehow aesthetically trapped in 1989.


Shoulder pads! That’s what it brings to mind, you nailed it :ok_hand:

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I’d love a peek at the tolerances they’re working to.

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The look is growing on me. Black is alright
Wonder how much of a jump it’s from the 30. As with previous it’s obvious a lower spec 50/40 will appear, they’ve done it before. Also, I’m thinking they moved away from magnesium because they mentioned in another factory tour it was one of the only things they had made for them instead of in house.