So, I sort of snore a little bit. Well sort of quite loudly. Which is apparently a bad thing.

I’m trying to be less of a fat fucker, which might help a little bit.

What else might work?

Not breathing for 8 hours…


I still snore quite loudly on my side apparently. Can’t hear it meself.

Increase your airway with a Bi-maxillary osteotomy, worked for me!

I’ll erm go and get me Dremmel out. And some plasters.

Looks a bit sort of major. Be nice if there was a simple solution I could try. I never breath through my nose that well, so maybe I need to sort of have a look at improving that.

Get her some of these job done.


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some things can never be unseen…

Nose Cleansing:

CPAP machine would be the other medical option. Guessing you’ll need to see a specialist in the UK to get one of those.

Quite often I get one side of my nose almost completely blocked. Was like that when I woke up this morning. Seems alright now.

So it might be that being on my side restricts airways as well as on my back.

you do. My father uses one. It is primarily prescribed to prevent sleep apnoea.

The solution depends on your exact problem. So sometimes a lower mandible extension (a bit like a gumshield) works; you can test to see if this works for you by pulling your tongue out and trying to make a snoring sound (although I can’t remember whether being able to make the sound means it works for you or not!) I could Google it for you, but can’t be arsed.

Looks to me like she’s not using them for their intended purpose :smirk:


Lose 4 st or sleep upright.

Surely she/he can do the tradition remedy of a punch in the face?

It nudged me a couple of times, then gave up and slept int he other room. Slight grumpiness this morning.

She’d probably have to join the queue :smirk: