This is your incontinent cat we’re talking about isn’t it?

I’d have thought separate rooms was a good thing.

One of the best post punk albums from 79 imo.


Ah ha, you got lucky and she’s realised what she’s let herself in for :laughing:

Ah, now I understand. This is a 'Wooo-hooo, I scored" thread disguised as a thread about snoring.

Carry on…:kissing_heart:


That was mentioned last week. Now it is more of wanting more scoring, as the seperate room things sort of buggers that up.

Can’t you leave the cat in the separate room for a couple of hours? That ought to render it unusable.

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Ladyperson hasn’t been introduced to the cats yet.

Anyhow this breathing/snoring thing now has me intrigued. Using the internet as my doctor it might be that I have a weird septum, and I am a fat fuck. And ths is most likely to cause me to be a snory git.
I sort of know what to do about being a fat fuck. is it possible to do anything that doesn’t involve surgery to improve breathing?

{post removed for stating the bleedin’ obvious}

However, kudos should be given to the fact that he didn’t have to get her so shitfaced that she passed out after the jiggy jiggy and thus was oblivious to the snoring.

It’s not nice to call a lady friend “it” though, Mark, especially if she’s kind enough to let you put your willy in her.

We haven’t done anything with willies. Eeuuww!!

The ‘it’ was a response to Bob’s she/he.

I’m more and more intrigued about the causes of snoring. I get all the sleeping on yer back and soft palate issues. I shall try and become less fat and I rarely sleep on my back.
But it iis the sleeping on me side and still snoring like a giant snory thing that I will look in to more. And it would be lovely if I didn’t drool in to my beard as much. That is a bit icky.

Fixt for accuracy :thumbsup:

that’s better

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If you suffer from a blocked nostril as you say then go and see an ENT specialist. I suffer from that and happened top be talking to one of them and he reckoned he could sort that out. In less technical speak, a good smashing,scraping and realignment. I’m sure he used some medical lingo, but you get the picture.

His passages need a good reaming :+1:

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deviated septum, my neighbour had that he had difficulty breathing out of one side and snoring, had an op to smash and re-align. 48 hours after the op he had a massive nosebleed, we are talking spurting here… emergency surgery. A year later he now cannot breath out of that side at all and still snores.

My father has had about three ops on his soft palate, throat etc to try and stop the snoring and the sleep apnoea. Nothing worked… losing 4 stone in weight and now he only snores if he’s had a night on the booze… but it didn’t stop the sleep apnoea so he now uses a CPAP machine.


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I have been looking up my nose a bit. It could be that my septum is out of wack slightly.

I have just spent a few pennies on a nasal dilator thingy. Think it is worth a go.

There are a few people who would be more than happy to help straighten it with a quick fix. :smiling_imp:

Deviated septum?

No need for some fancy pants, overpriced dilator thingy.

Go a bit easy the first time.