[SOLD] Couple of Amptastic Mini Ts

Got a couple of these TA2020 amps that are now surplus due to the Gainclone build. One is in pretty good external condition, the other has required some application of the parts bin. Both sound the same now so any price difference is purely a function of personal vanity in the marketplace.

Thinking 40 quid for the pretty one, 35 quid for the one that only an AA member’s mother could love.

Also have a 5A rated SMPS which could be chucked in with either for another fiver.

And for all you nitpickers, this is the first type rather than the later Mini One.

Does the PSU power both effectively at the same time?

Haven’t tried it (ran them off a Maplins regulated supply) but the output should be enough. It would need a splitter.

Do you have regular PSUs for them? Did they not come with one?

The one I bought new did, the one I picked up from the Wam didn’t.

Sold and paid for now, in any case.

Bollocks I was about to buy them! Oh well :blush:

don’t bother, you would fry it anyway just like i did mine

One has fried here already

I could donate a corpse of mine

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don’t bother, you would fry it anyway just like i did mine


Best thing for them

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