SOLD: FS: Snell Type A mk3

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Sadly, I’ve realised I can’t keep buying gear and never selling any as it’s all taking up too much space. So first to go are my lovely Snell Type A mk3. The bass drivers were re-foamed 4 years ago and everything else was checked at the same time. All working and in good condition for their age.

Collection from Crowborough, East Sussex. £1800.

Snell A3ii by Rick Francis, on Flickr

Snell A3ii by Rick Francis, on Flickr

Snell A3ii by Rick Francis, on Flickr

Snell A3ii by Rick Francis, on Flickr


I so want these but, but…

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I do, but it’s not to be. I also want the speakers behind them.

How big a room do you need for these to work ?

My room is 17ft by 10ft. I have them positioned along the long wall and listen near field without any problems (it’s the only place any speakers work in my room and gives a good soundstage there. I’d say a medium sized room would be fine.

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I think they will also be up for sale soon. All or nothing guy me!

Mind if I ask what they are? Look a little Sonus Faber like, very nice

Your question made me laugh, they are Peak Consult “Princess System”. The reason I laughed was I actually made a point of hiding another pair of speakers which are Sonus Faber!

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I’ll take the speakers you don’t want to sell then please :wink:
Good look with selling the speakers you do want to sell :+1:


I think I would take the Peak Consult Princess before the Sonus Faber, and the Snells before either of them if they would suit my system, but I haven’t got the Watts.

I have heard the Snells sounding wonderful in a big room, Dom had his pair in quite a small room at home and they sounded very good there,

It was Dom’s pair that made me buy these. If I had the space to keep them they wouldn’t be for sale.


I still remember Dom’s pair from Scalford. They were really excellent.



Like others, these sounded great one year at Scalford! GLWTS! :slight_smile:

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What sort of price are they likely to be when they go up for sale?

I’d like £2500 for them.

I remember this Graeme. I was sitting with you and we both were chatting quietly then stopped and looked up as soon as Dom put his music on.

Really good sound. Unfortunately all my cash is locked up in Mr Kipling and Fray Bentos.

Good luck with sale(s).


Another holiday? Uruguay this time?

In my experience you don’t need a huge room or huge power with Snell As. I had a pair in a room about 4m by 6m that worked very well, and always used them with sub 20W single ended triode amps.
They work well close to the wall and have an amazing coherent musicality when working well.
The new owner will mot be dissapointed


There is no but. You should buy them, they would be great for a second system in your place.

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They would indeed, just don’t have the money at the moment.