SOLD Hifi for sale... Enough stuff for a Complete system

Selling all this gear on behalf of my MIL, it all belonged to my late FIL and is now surplus to her requirements. Everything was purhcased new approx 8 yrs ago.

It has hardly been used during that time and it all works perfectly, with the exception of the record player’s cover. (Scratched) it is all A1, Mint condition. I’m a fussy sod when it comes to hifi conition and I really can’t fault anything.

Instructions, and remotes for everything - but no boxes - so collection from near Oxford or I could possibly meet up somewhere if not too far away.
If it doesn’t’ sell here I’ll list it on ebay, but I’d like to avoid that if possible.
Priced individualy - if you want the lot pm me

Marantz integrated amp PM6003 - £150
Marantz CD Player CD6003 - £120
Denon DAB Radio TU-1800DAB - £70
Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable + with Ortofon OMB 5E cartridge £100
Kef Speakers KEF IQ50 - £150
Hifi Stand - VERY Heavy £70.
QED speaker cable 3.4m and 5.4m with banana plugs £30
QED ICs Qunex-3, 2 pairs both 1m long £15 each


CD Player…

DAB Radio…

Record Player…



Hifi Stand…


Open to offerers on this lovely MidFi.
TBH I’m surprised its all still here :wink:

Oh well, gumtree and ebay here I come.


@mj2 should buy it. :grinning:


It’s not really fair pointing him towards this thread as if he sees it he’ll probably have to buy it!


Could you try the 'wam and Fink Pish? Sure they’re a cavalcade of cunts, but less so than Thiefbay and Gyppotree.

I’d have the tuner off you - always regretted flogging mine - but it could be months before I could collect, and it sadly makes no sense to do a 250 mile trip for it.

Sorry, all stereo’d out here. Losing interest a bit, tbh.

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I’d like a play with the speakers, but distance is a thing unfortunately.

SOLD… the lot on Facebook, already collected.
Had 25+ messages, who knew.