SOLD: Impulse H2 / Ta'us Midrange +Tweeters

In case anyone is interested and hasn’t spotted them on fleabay, I’m selling the working midrange units and tweeters from my H2s post a RFC refurb.

The mids have been re-foamed and are in good shape, tweeters are standard.

I don’t really know what they are worth (if anything) so have started them at £20 for each pair on ebay - if anyone here wants them more than that, please feel free to make an offer… (I’ll work out postage and let you know.)

(more pics available)

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@hifinutt - you must buy these mid units, seriously.

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thanks cd

I’m watching the tweeters, interested as they’re not Kevlar cones I’d expect. Have they been rebuilt?

I haven’t had the H2s from new so can’t be certain, but Paul Coupe thought they were the original tweeters. They are the appropriate (unusual) inverted dome shape, which fits, but as I said I don’t know for sure. Here is a close-up that just about shows the weave in the dome (at the top - please ignore stray husky-hairs…):

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Now sold