Sold Impulse H2

For Sale Impulse H2 Speakers

These came to me from the original owner, he used them for a year and then stored them for over 20 years. They are in time warp condition. Absolutely immaculate.

Woofers have had a recent refoam with proper H2 refoam kit to be sure they are spot on.

Beautiful grain on the veneers, I would say rosewood colour. Pictures show it’s colour well.

They sound fantastic, many people think H2s were the jewel in the impulse crown. If you ever fancied trying H2s this is the pair to have.

They are sensitive and work well with valve amps Or solid state. I think they are 95db.

They can be transported in a large car of estate, I can get them in my Focus estate easily. They need to be collected or by HiFi taxi courier is not a realistic option. I am willing to meet up or delivery within reason for petrol costs.

I think £1150 is fair for them.

Impulse H2: Arguably the best of the lot. Capable of stupendous bass quality and extension - although specified for cutoff at 40Hz, in-room measurements at home show extension flat down to 30Hz, -6dB at c.27Hz. Positioning close to the rear wall is recommended, but this speaker is remarkably unfussy about siting. Tractrix midhorn with driver open to rear and top, inverted-dome tweeter Sensitivity 95dB/W, 8ohm

Drivers: 8.5" Seas bass; 4.5" Seas mid; Focal tweeter.
Crossover ponts: 800Hz; 4Khz; 2nd order summed response.
Size: 1160mm H x 270mm W x 480mm D
Finishes: Rosewood or Oak with cloth inserts.


Had a look and listen at these the other night at Tim’s

They are in superb condition sound and appearance wise, I think you’d struggle to find a nicer pair.