SOLD Kelvin Labs integrated amp

FS Kelvin Labs integrated amplifier MK2

. No original box but will be well packed.

Rather rare and sought after integrated amp Kelvin Labs … small ‘cottage industry’ Brit company that preceded AVI.

Low power solid state class A amps - 20W per channel sort of like early Sugden. Has been compared to a mini Krell KSA50

This one in excellent working and cosmetic condition excepting small ding on corner of heat sink - see picture. Balance control can be slightly noisy sometimes but I never used it - have been advised that bypassing it improves sound path.

I bought this a couple of years or so ago from a respected and trusted forum member with who I have had many dealings. He assured me it had been recapped but did not have receipt - but had been serviced and sticker is on the rear. Bought for a second system but now selling as really need a higher powered amp (which I have just acquired!) I have hardly used it as been too busy with house renovation.

Description from previous owner: “The MKII features heatsinks! Despite being Class A, doesn’t get that hot. Best suited to average floor standers. Inefficient bookshelf speakers need not apply. It sounds sweet and detailed, and has something of a cult following. Sounds beautiful throwing vocals well forward into the mix but not in a hard way, more palpable. There isn’t a phono stage. This has been recapped so should make sweet music well into the future.”

A Wammer once posted about these amps: “Great amp, I use mine as a class A power amp (just turn the volume control to max) and it’s fab. Will show many an expensive amp up. “

Pictures here:



Now offered with free UK postage :slightly_smiling_face: