SOLD: Lumin D1 network streamer

Lumin D1 network streamer. Great sound quality. This has a very good onboard DAC so you can use the analogue outs if you don’t have a dedicated DAC. Only selling as I have bought the U1 Mini transport so that I can use the AES/EBU out to my DAC.

I have been really happy with this player but wanted to try the dedicated transport.

Supported audio formats: DSD, DSF, DIFF, DoP, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC
Supported sample rates: 44,1 - 384 kHz (PCM), 2,8 MHz (DSD)
Inputs: Ethernet 100Base-T, 2 x USB
Analogue outputs: XLR, RCA
Digital outputs: BNC SPDIF
Compatible with Tidal, Quobuz, Spotify, Tunein radio

Perfect condition.
£975 inc UK postage.


Lovely bit of kit. It is also Roon Ready which I think Nick has forgotten to mention in his ad. I use one of these into a very expensive Aesthetix Pandora DAC, but I would be happy with the analogue outputs as the onboard DAC is excellent. Decent price too.

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Wondering whether my amp has balanced inputs.

It was made in Salisbury.

I bet it’s got some kind of primordial 1950s wank on the backplane, doesn’t it.

The single ended outputs are VG too.


Yehbut they’ve only got one end :frowning_face:

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so am I, after a few G&Ts

Reduced to £950 inc UK postage.

ovno :grin:

£925 anyone? Just to add that it looks like Tidal Connect should soon be an option on Lumin products.