SOLD: Musical Surroundings Phonomena battery phonostage

I bought this off of PFM recently. The Phonomena is a complete one box MM/MC phono stage in its own right but this comes with the additional battery power supply.
The flexibility of settings on offer is immense with over 200 options available so should be tuneable for any cart with the exception of something like an IO.
Both manuals are included plus the standard Walmart power supply for the single box option.
Looks like these are about £1200 as a pair new. This is the Mk1 version.
Both items are in excellent condition. Batteries are included.

Selling for £300 plus postage. For this money it really is a lot of phonostage and yes you need to lift the lid to change settings.

Hi Myrman,

I need another phonostage like I need a hole in the head, but always wanted to try this one. Have you got all the packaging and do you know how many hours the batteries have done?



I don’t have the origonal box and no idea how many hours the batteries have done - sorry… but I do have the important bit which is the user manuals.

It uses 2 packs of 8 AAs like these