SOLD Pure Sound P10 valve MM phono stage

Another Pure Sound item that greatly out-performs its price point. This one is very lightly-used and in great condition aside from a feint mark on the top edge of the front panel (see pic).

From Pure Sound’s schpiel: "The P10 features a particularly elaborate HT power supply. After the initial rectification and smoothing, the supply is split and two separate, heavily decoupled high voltage rails are established. These feed each half of the output valve while further decoupling of each rail allows the cleanest and most independent voltage rails possible to feed each half of the input valve. The absolute stability of this supply regardless of the demands made by the audio signal on the circuit, lends the P10 a stability and poise which allows effortless reproduction of the most demanding source material.

The valve filaments are also fed by a DC supply thereby ensuring constant operating conditions for the amplifier.

The circuit makes use of close tolerance metal film resistors, polypropylene signal coupling capacitors and selected valves.

The gain of the P10 is 40 dB (x 100)."

This is complete with power lead, box, packing, &c.

These are £730 now, this one ain’t, how about £375?


Hi, might be interested in this; did you already sell the T10 that can adapt for MC?

Both are on-hold pending payment; I’ll update in due course.