SOLD: Roon ROCK server (HP NUC clone)

Having purchased a NAS with SSD that is now capable of running roon quite happily, my dedicated server is no longer needed. Its basically a NUC7 in an HP suit.

-i3 7130U (boosts up to about 3.2ghz i believe, and as a lower core count with higher clock, is an ideal roon processor). Barely stretched its legs as a core.
-8GB ram
-Crucial 256gb NVME SSD
-1TB rotational HDD
-NO WIRELESS (but then rock doesnt support many wireless chips anyway)

But the best bit of all, is it has the matching DVD rom drive, which actually clips to the base and becomes one unit. This is quite hard to come by on its own, and combined with ROCK makes for a perfect CD ripping station as well.

Units with smaller drives (and no dual drive), and no CD rom seem to sell between £100-120 on ebay, I’d like £150 inclusive of postage for the whole lot.

It’ll have a fresh copy of the most up to date ROCK on it, so you just need to turn it on and add music!




If Roon doesn’t spontaneously catch fire the moment you look at it * then this is a bargasm :+1:

* Roon actively hates me. Seems like it is rock steady for others so it must be me doing something odd.

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This server has been absolutely bulletproof for me for a couple of years now. I work in IT, so I bought the bare shell and fitted the rest myself. It’s never missed a beat in all my time with it :slight_smile:

The NAS isn’t “quite” as responsive, but it’s sufficient for my needs

This was the result of my adventures in the same area

Sounds to me like you should have let your wife handle the technical stuff :wink:

We met on the same Comp Sci course in Edinburgh many, many years ago.

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I bet you say that to all the Java programmers :grinning:

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I’m a digital Luddite, so please bear with. Could I use this to simply rip, tag CD’s and then playback the rips through my amp ?

Roon will auto rip CDs but you’ll need a Roon subscription which is £120 if you buy a yearly sub or £140 (per year) if you pay monthly. You’d also need a DAC between the Roon server and your amp.

Personally I’d install vortexbox on it and use the builtin LMS with a SBT into the amp.


Cheers, not for me then :upside_down_face:

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It’s a valid point though, this is simply a compact form factor PC of sensible spec. It could be used to run any number of operating systems and sound management platforms, not just ROON

Sold :slight_smile: