[SOLD] Unison Research S6 Mk 1


What is one of these worth in good condition boxed with remote? Still working on Original tubes so factor in the cost a set of new tubes. So how much are new tubes 6 x EL34 and 2 x 12AU7. Not mine so any guidance gratefully received. Have seen them offered for well over £1K but that seems excessive to me?

Most seem to be for sale around £1200, but if you want to shift it, £1K.

Thanks Bob.

On the advice of the font of all hi-fi knowledge any takers at £1K + delivery of your choice at your cost or collection from Warrington.

Bump on a rare day off for me. Go on make me an offer on this sunny day!

Now with original packing. So Courier at Buyers choice/expense possible at 27Kg

Great amp, absolute bargain, imo…


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