Soldering etc. etc. etc

There’s a few searchable threads for advice on what iron to buy.

I want to recap my SP10 power supplies after one went a little haywire.
My current solder Iron is like a luke warm poker.

A few bits of advice would be helpful. In no particular order:

  • Would a desolder gun be worthwhile?
  • I can search for the what solder to use as there’s already threads.
  • I could do with a very basic multimeter to make sure it’s working and check stuff. Any advice?
  • anyone nearby who could lend me the above?

I’m reluctant to invest a lot as I don’t suspect I’ll use it again… once I’ve stuck the 8 caps in it’s just a matter of testing the voltage lines (two fixed and one variable for the strobe).

What do you mean by ‘desoldering gun’. If you need to remove silver, then a decent solder pump (solder sucker) is the minimum. With a bit of practice, you can do a good job an copper desoldering wick will also help.

For solder, get the eutectic 62/36/2 (SnPbAg). The sp10 will have leaded solder in there anyway.

Just get a cheap Chinese £10 meter from eBay. They’re generally surprisingly good these days.

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I saw a person recommend a Hakko desolder thing that removes the stuff as you take items off.
Then i saw the price!
To be honest it’s not a lot to do, just 8 caps per unit, but they are fiddly to reach so I’m keen to get them in and out without a pulling and prodding effort. I found when I tried to remove some in a home theatre amp recently that had to drag them out after spending ages trying to get the iron to make a dint in the solder. Bad tools make the job a pain.

The meter just needs to tell me the voltage and not kill me!

Take it to a electical engineer.

I suspect it will be cheaper to recap and hope as a plan A than pay labour and parts?
Seems a lot of people have resolved the same issue this way as it’s a common diy fix.
Worst case if still won’t work but at least the electrolytics will be new and good to go!

If you’re passing Sheffield and want to use my gear here then you are welcome.

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