Some plumbing help please

I am trying to install a water filter system. This uses plastic tubing that is 6mm in diameter. The existing tap uses tubing that is 10mm in diameter.

The water supply uses the adapter on the right. This has a 25mm thread on the underside, and a push connector for the 10mm tube.

What do I need to make it work? In my language I would need a version of the thing on the right that converted the 25mm thread to a 6mm tube, but I cannot find this. Then I would need something to couple a 6mm tube with a 10mm tube, but again I cannot find this.

I imagine that these things exist, but I cannot penetrate the plumbing code that is used to reference things!

Quick google search found this

They’re called reducers Adam:

But you need ones that are in stock obvs.

Or what Paul posted.

Plumbing can be a weird mix of imperial and metric sometimes.

So Screwfix, Wickes, Homebase etc don’t stock anything I can just go and get?

Bit of copper pipe, crimp one end down and bodge it on with blobs of solder and maskers.

Bloody plumbers and their convoluted fittings.

Not just plumbing. I want to fit a cable gland to the rear of an amp. All the gland dimensions are given in mm, including the clearance hole diameter. The gland’s numbers are all whole. The hole dia is 12.7mm. So half an inch then. Do I have a 12.7mm Q-Max ? No.


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Maybe you have a 1/2 inch one instead? :rofl:

There’s a branch near Watford

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Or metal
potters bar

Turns out RS is closed today anyway. I’ll just order it online from them.

They deliver next working day for free.

Yeah, Mon-Fri. They used to open on Saturdays, maybe it’s because of the lockdown?

Yeah it’s great for low priced stuff eh?

Anyway, thanks for the help, ordered and kitchen cupboard reloaded pending Tuesday installation.

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I ordered a 79p capacitor once. Came next day. :smiley:

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You might find it takes a day or two longer at the moment. Farnell use UPS and they can be up to 3 days at the moment.

I soon will

Thing is, the imperial cutters need imperial hex keys :wink:.


You didn’t install it in Kev’s SUT?

It’s the coupling cap in your phono :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My Thursday evening order arrived on Friday…

Well that went about as well as I probably might have expected.

The ones Paul linked to work for a 10mm internal diameter to 6mm external diameter. That’s not what I have - I have 10mm and 6mm both external. Unfortunately I only found this out after I had cut the 10mm tube.

So now I have shoved the 6mm tube into the 10mm tube (which has an internal diameter of just over 6mm), and stuck it together with gaffer tape. It doesn’t leak yet…

Back to RS. Christ I hate this kind of shit.