Some records

You can add the Decca Moog and the Brazil 66 to my parcel Stu.

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Will get the last 10 or so up in the morning and hopefully post on Wednesday

£5 each
Rick wakeman one needs gluing. Should be plenty of time to glue to have set before first side finishes

Not sure if I can get anymore on today as on speed course soon
Rest is cheap classical

I’ll have the Walter Carlos Stu. :+1:

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Floyd division bell
Unplayed but has a few marks on cover and internal seam
2016 180g reissue

Might have a couple more Floyd if I can work out how to price them

Need to check these in better light tomorrow
Covers are a bit shit
£15 for the 3

Forgot about these box sets

Think they all have 6 lps in each with brochure
The Brahms one has tatty box

From concert hall
£10 each Brahms a fiver
Won’t be able to post til next week

£10 each

Box not in great shape

£10 each
Readers digest. Look unplayed

Christ, I think I need more caffeine. Genuinely misread that as “Forgot about these sex bots” first time around.