Some Vinyl for sale



I have a selection of vinyl for sale (see pic), mostly duplicates, mostly not played.

All in at least NM / NM condition -

I’m asking £12.50 delivered for each title, except for the

Yuck !, Raconteurs and Pineapple Thief which are £10 delivered

and the

Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine Boxset (new / unopened) which is £25 delivered.

I’ll throw in the Todd Rundgren as a freebie to the first buyer of another LP that asks.



Vorderhaus please Mike


The music for VW idiots please.


Surprised you are selling the ATL record. Is it a double?


It is indeed Olan


Orange or black though. !


Black, of course !


I prefer the DUP approved version of the LP.


Can I have the PT - Coma Divine , please, Mike.


Of course you can Bob. I’ll pm you.


Arrived all fine and dandy, thank you.