Sonos Beam / Sonos Sub - experience?

OK, so we’re getting a Sonos Beam for our new living room, as the Mu-So cannot be wall mounted

(Don’t start, OK)

As it’s rather new I assume nobody has much experience of the beam, but I’m rather curious whether anyone has or has tried the sub? It seems remarkably expensive for what it is, but I’d be interested to know whether anyone has experience … or heaven help us, an opinion?

I have the soundbar, but no sub.

When I’ve seen the sub demoed, it has been very loud and farty.

If you want the explosions in action movies to shake your fillings out, it might be just the job, but it’s a “no thanks” from me.

I have the sound bar plus sub. The sub is set low so often wonder if it’s on but does add rumble when needed. We use it for general tv watching, 90% seems to be antique shows or the news so not the best test.

Best bet is try without and if you are happy then stick.

It doesn’t match a proper surround system for movies but works well enough and massive improvement on standard tv.

Thanks fellas.

Will get the Beam this weekend (However - 60 quid for a f-in wall mount???) and have a see how I get on with it

The mu-so has been the main hifi for a few years now, but we have quite an odd room layout so I think the beam with a few plays will be the main source of music for a while on the ground floor. (And some decent cans, of course)

The best thing about Sonos is the ease of use. I have added a pair of Play Ones in the kitchen and plan to get a Play 3 or 5 in the Dining Room. Works easily with Tidal and Spotify. I have never known it lose connection.

I prefer the hifi for proper listening though TBH.