Sound style rack

Above rack , free if it’s of any use to anyone.


Where are you based?


Could I have the black eyed bird with the big eyes on the the right.

Will she travel by public transport if I pay for the tickets?

I’ve no idea who she is but I do like the deadpool one , he also has a cool boba fett bobble head thing.
It’s my mates rack.

[Pedantic Nerd] That’s Din Djarin, also known as The Mandalorian[/Pedantic Nerd]

Yes please!


That’s reminded me , I started watching the mandalorian and never got past the 1st episode. Will give it another go.


It gets better. The second series is really good.

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All yours Matt.

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Can I double check the width?

Can i give you the dims tomorrow morning? it’s still in my car after picking it up from my mates and my car is parked halfway up the street.

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I reckon it’ll be 100cm though.

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Nice rack

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Nice rack. Is it me, or does the union jack look wrong. :o

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Outer dimensions are - 102 x 48 x 62

Ahhh, factoring in the skirting board and socket this isn’t going to get into my alcove… So sorry but many thanks!

No worries

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