Southport or Bridlington?

My Dad is a member of an organisation that has offered him a (free) week convalescing in one of four venues. Bournmouth and Dawlish are too far to travel, for him, so it’s a choice of Southport or Bridlington.

You might think that’s Hobson’s choice, but them’s the breaks.

Bear in mind,

he’s 85 and will be getting all of his meals provided at the hotel,

he hardly drinks now, so not interested in pubs, I’m sure the evenings will be spent at the hotel,

he would like a couple of places to visit during the day (interested in museums, trains, gardens - weather permitting)

Which venue should he choose, and why?

It’s oopt’nooorth. I’m oot.

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Is your dad mobile. If so perhaps Southport as you can get over to Liverpool by train in around 45 mins and Manchester in about 70 mins. Lots museums etc in both. Bridlington is a couple of hours from York which is great for the Railway Museum and the station still has lots interest if your into more modern trains. However no direct train.

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Brid would be my choice. I have never been to Southport but have fond memories of Bridlington. There is the Bayle Museum, a very interesting little museum or the Harbour Museum also very interesting. Both are small but probably enough for a weekend. Nice sea view in Brid as well.

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This will probably sway it. He gets free train travel (ex B.R.) so York is no problem (no distance to go after he gets off the train!) and the Brid’ Museums are probably close to the centre.

Cheers guys


Both museums are in the centre, the Bayle is an 800 year old grade 1 gate house and the Harbour Museum is down on the harbour. There is also Sewerby Hall and Gardens which is towards Flamborough, not far from the centre.

More than happy to help.