SP10 help

I have a manual, the set-up jig and a VTA etc… set up device.


Get new plinth made so that you can fit different arm boards.
Stick with the arm and cartridge you have.
Maybe buy a mat. Some people like metal ones. I use a Blue Horizon one. It is not metal.

The Funk Firm mat works well as does the Nagoka ceramic one, but that is a load of money now. Basically the SP10 rubber mat is crap, almost anything is better.

If you use a matal mat, you will have to use a record clamp if you use a carbon brush, as the record just sticks on the brush otherwise.

Happy to help in any way.

I use a Michell clamp. It is cheap and it works.

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I hate it, any clamp that you need to screw down and screw off is a pain in the arse.

I shall inform it of your feelings, but I doubt it gives a fuck to be honest.


Thanks that is a generous offer.
What I’d like to know is where the measurement is taken from centre of spindle to centre of arm bearing. Is that taken to the middle of the round tower or the top of the gimble which hangs off that tower.
My concern is if it is the later there won’t be enough room to fit it next to the square SP10 plate.
Also what is your opinion of the Triplanar as a match for using with the SP10?
Cheers and thank you

From this, it is the bearing.

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Never had a Tri-planar on a SP10, but the arm is a wonderful arm, as good as anything I have owned. Probably better arms out there, but a lot more expensive. It is certainly better than the SME arms I own (V, IV and 312S).

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