I’m looking for spades to retrofit onto this

or this (after taking the current plugs off, obvs)

Any recommendations before I go and buy something random from eBay? I’m just looking for cheap and mechanically sound.

Thanks in advance.

I use cheap nakamichi type ones.

Not used the spade types though

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Can’t you just use bare wire ends, I gave up with spades or plugs and just use bare ends for the speakers and amp connections now.


@Mrs_Maureen_OPinion once supplied me with some - he might have some left over in a trinket box somewhere

Not sure what I’ve got in the way of spades - because spades are shit - but if you post me the cables I made for you I’ll reterminate them for the cost of return postage.

I’d agree with themediumsizedlebowski on this though - just unscrew whatever’s on there and use the bare ends. Just check for stray spiderlags of wire that might short - cos loudspeaker makers are twats and always put the terminals close together because {Joey Deacon noise}.


Thanks all.

I was using the bare ends as a stop-gap, or so I thort.

I guess it genuinely is the “zero cost solution” - which being wageless is my new default position, plus now the hi-fi experts have said it’s better :grin:

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Think I may have a set you could have. I’ll have a look later when I’m home.

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Very kind of you, but by the look of it I’ll probably go with bare wires until such time as I need anything different, which may well be never.

No problem. Nice speakers btw. I used to have a pair of Argon 3s which were great.

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