Spalding bakeoff - Saturday November 11th


Triple cake. Except fucking carrot cake, which isn’t cake.


Did you like the banana/choc chip thing Leanne took to the BBQ? She’d probably make 3 of those quite happily.


Was it Cadbury chocolate?


I promise not to bring any hifi :+1:

Cake I may be able to help with…




Then it was delicious.

Bring anything you want, especially if someone coming wants a demo etc, I can lock the doors and provide booze until someone orders some hecos.


Ta, but all I might ask is for opinions on what colour foo-string people prefer.

Anyone who’s stopping-over chez-vous is welcome at mine on Sunday to spin some discs and listen to the Singing Washing-Machines!


Told you, patriotic Union Jack brexit sleaving.


Harder to come by than you’d believe in peri-Brexit Britain - I blame the muslamics.


Snakeskin surely?


I cant imagine anyone having such a lack of taste.


Should that be Snake oil?




That’s disappointing :disappointed:. I wanted to see you struggle with the Dreiklangs :smirk:


No idea what it is, but I like teh shiny.


Diamondback? won’t they rattle a bit?


Teribil Audio’s new power cord on sale yet?



Stop it.


Ooo I like those lifters.