Spam on facebook

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I know quite a few of you are friends on Facebook with Doug Adams. Since yesterday I have been bombarded with requests to join Hi-Fi recommended by Doug, I must have received close to 100 in the last two days. I have mailed Doug and he has assured me that he isn’t sending them. I blocked him and unfriended him this morning, but still they come :angry: Any ideas?


Me neither.


Like as in, “I have no idea ?”

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Nope :roll_eyes:

Delete your Facebook account.



I’m so close to doing it. It’s only a couple of dog-walking groups that organise events on it that keep me on.

I ditched mine last year, best thing I’ve done in a long while. Mostly Intrusive bollocks.

HIfi facebook groups are shite without exception
I got really pissed off when I was auto enrolled to one a few months ago.
Even though half the people on the Wam and quite a few from here were on it I left straight away, how does that facebook software allow that sort of thing?

I find it very useful for contacts re work, overseas relatives etc,

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I spent the first year on FB putting posts up weekly,i did wonder why no one ever liked any of it.

Was only when i checked the settings that i realised i was the only one who could see my posts.

Rarely use the place other than buy shit i don’t need locally


But you also follow loads of groups and copy and paste shit from everywhere.
The more you do that, the more you are exposed to being targetted.


I know Doug, decent chap. I did get a recommendation to join a turntable group (I think) I joined and didn’t think anything of it to be fair.

Ha ha, you’re on Facebook :smile:

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As I said I’m sure it’s not Doug’s doing.

Switch to WhatsApp.

It’s not my group.