Speaker help please

In the new year I’ll be looking to invest in some new speakers. Current speakers are Goodmans 201s- I like these a lot and they pair well with my valve pre & power, but I feel that after 2 years with them the time has come for something else. Music ranges anywhere between reggae, electronica through to rock via male & female vocals - in short, anything really apart from classical and jazz. Room is average size (20’ x 13’ ish, standard height ceilings) and full of the usual clutter of table, sofas, etc.

I’ve heard and liked AN Js and Ks a few times and liked the Heco Direkts (though SWMBO hates their looks). What else is there that I should be looking for? Budget will be about £2k. The Big L’s ANs would be great but, alas, she doesn’t like the finish. Over to you guys…

The dealer HiFiGuy has a pair of Tannoy Glenair 15’s for £2.5K, make him an offer of £2K-ish as he’s moving site and needs the big stuff gone. I am not a Tannoy fan, but these actually sound good, with actual bass definition and extension. Heard them sound brilliant with a Oracle TT and some valves on reggae. They work next to a wall too.


Other thoughts, some people like LV speakers, not me, but people do like the sound and they work with valves.

I like these a lot, very good speakers.

Also, the Art Deco 8 and 10 are bloody good, but interesting looks.

This is very good advice. The Decos are really fabulous and can be picked up for your budget. The difficulty is getting a painted finish that SWMBO will approve of.