Spec me a laptop

My business has used Dell Ultrabook’s (xps 9333 - i7 4510 8gb ram) which we’ve had for 3 years and are now due for replacement.

Good points - fast start up; good processing speed; longish battery life; lightweight; backlit keyboard

Bad points - fans blows like fuck when MacAfee scans; random fan initiation; wireless not great; touchscreen which never gets used except accidentally

Any advice on what to go for next? Would like to keep the good points and add a bit more reliability. Budget to £2k each

I would have thought either the higher end Dell (XPS13) or Lenovo (X1 Carbon Series) would be fit for purpose. The XPS13 is extremely well regarded in that category.


we are using MS Surface Laptops now, they are great machines.

For £2k you could get the latest DEll XPS15 with 4k screen and 3 yr premium warranty. Fantastic computer, only the mouse is a slight letdown.

Or you could get an Optimus build from PC Specialist…
£1279 would get you a 17", with i7 quadcore processor, 1Tb solid state drive, 16Gb Corsair RAM and 2 batteries.

17" laptops in 2017. Guffaw.

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I have a work XPS13 and its great - 11 inch form and 13 inch screen is hard to beat - its robust and reliable and looks great too - whats not to like

17 inch laptop - WTF is the point of that - if you need that size screen then get a dock and external screens

we also have a surface and tbh its fancy pants but not as usable as the dell - flasher looking though

Kind of depends how you use them - do people carry them much? Do you need much raw power? I would have thought that a laptop like that would still be very usable now.

I use a 17" laptop myself because while it’s a touch bigger, it also makes it much easier to see the screen under low lighting conditions, such as in a band situation where selecting the appropriate sample to trigger is probably quite important…
I also use it as the centre of my studio, along with a touch screen 2nd monitor; touchscreen acts as the mixer and laptop screen acts as timeline.
I realise that I could use a dedicated pc in the studio, with a Maschine or Ableton Push 2 to trigger and tablet to view/find but that would cost me more…
And if you want smaller ones they do sell those as well

If Dell made an XPS17 I would buy one for sure. That would be the best of both worlds, a 17" 4K screen in a 15" form factor. They don’t, however, so market research must indicate this would be a small market niche. (and it would be pretty expensive)

I have XPs 13s in my business and would highly recommend

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We’ve just rolled out 1300x of these, I’ve been using one for about 6 months and am very impressed…


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I use an xps15 without the 4k screen for work. Nice bit of kit.
only downside is the dearth of ports and connectivity, so had to get the usb-c docking station which is expensive but worth imo

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