Spider's Bake off 1st December (change of date)

I can only be there between about 12 and 2.30 so maybe timshare with with Steve. Jan works Saturday and needs dropping off and picking up.

Is the address the same as I sent the records to?

Will PM address etc next week sometime

The room number 2 is empty of gear at the moment

Ed is bringing his R2R

But we’ll need amp and speakers and perhaps CD player and or turntable

On the subs bench I’m afraid we are full at present moment

Will Edd have his Eric Bibb tape by then? :heart_eyes:

Don’t think so, they are made to order but who knows.

Looking forward to this, I’m bringing Edd’s WAD valve power amp along with me that I guess could be used with a suitable preamp.

I’ll be bringing a pair of Ferrograph S1’s for Rob. They haven’t been tested for years so will need checking before they are plugged in to anything.

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All ready for you guys tomorrow.
Kate has cooked an excellent soup plus Hot sarnies at half time.
See you all on the morrow


Well done Kate!!

Pavlova pandemonium here, it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong…

Fuck it - stick a toblerone in it!! :grin:


Safe journey to all those travelling up to Tim’s today.

Hope you all have a great day.

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Have you enjoyed Edd’s 15ips bag pipes tape yet? :smile:

Those were left at home.


Mini sandbags for protection


Who owns which shoes ,Can you match em

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More shoes hidden behind the Sparkllie tree
Culprits any one of these lot :grinning:

Team list:
Rick - Bandit Pilot

Rob - Freefallrob

Paul - Maverick

Mark - Divedeepdog

Des - Hap Hazaard

Edd - Ed9000

Barrington - Mayebaza

Lee - Settingson

Darren - Belliore

Ian Russell


Steve - Shipbroker

Mick - Mickey Ricky

Steve - Sap7

Mick - Mick bald

brucer 2


Subs Bench from here: