Spider's Bake off 1st December (change of date)



Thanks for being so hospitable as usual.

Always a lovely bite to eat and great company. From world champions to cloth eared idiots, it’s a good mix.

Until next year… or a paradise shoot out?


Huge thanks to Kate and Tim for today, it’s a big effort to put something on like this and we appreciate it very much!

Great to catch up with everyone, shame I had to leave a bit early, but I really enjoyed it.


Thanks Tim and Kate for your super hospitality.

I had a great afternoon.



Thanks Tim and Kate for another great day. Good to catch up with everyone again.



Kate loved the R2R :grinning:
She thought it sounded fab and fticked the retro box.
Proper R2R might be in order soon.




Too much excitement for Dean




Team mission accomplished!

Well done all, any excuse for talk, cake and tunes. :+1:t3:


Kate and Tim, thanks for everything. Really great to see everyone again and to meet new guys too. .

The R2R tape was brilliant. Brought back memories.

The main system was great to listen to as well.

Great visit - thanks again.


Thanks Tim & Kate ! Great to see everyone again.Enjoyed Marks Oracle with the Longdog phono ,sounded good also Edd’s R 2 R with Simon and Garfunkel BOTW.
Looking forward to Next Year.


Just, why ?

Don t bow to the pressure.


Embrace Faff.


Thanks to Kate, Tim and Jack for another great bakeoff. Great to catch up with everyone. Edd’s R2R sounded great as did Mark’s turntable and phono stage and Des’ Living Voice Avatars.


A great day thanks and Fraisey Ford stayed in the case. What’s not to love. :grin:



Too much turkey!

Practising for Christmas day


Thanks for hosting.