Spiritland Festival Hall


So it’s more gimmick than properly realised concept.


In my opinion, yes.


I am not sure what I would call it…I can see how it might be considered a gimmick

But if they can make a business work in that way, then good luck to them. I know enough people running and owning bars, to know it is hard work, and they live and die by their footfall and being able to sell stuff.


I thought the proper evening ‘events’ were what gave that system some purpose not it’s use as day to day background music.


that is why I am not sure I would call it a “gimmick”. I have only visited in its “bar” mode in the evening when they play plinky plonky jazz, or soft soul…………


I haven’t been in either mode but I know a couple of people who have been to such events there & who really enjoyed them & the system playing there.


I’ve never been but I’ve listened to loads of the sessions on mixcloud. Some of the four hour sets are truly magnificent. They do put on some really good night’s. I’ll definitely be visiting next time I’m in the smoke and will organise it round who is playing.


I been at lunchtime, afternoon and early evening on a few occasions, never for an event night

If you can get the right seats it can sound really excellent, but too many people in and the bar conversation becomes a pita if you are trying to listen to the music.

They know they need some room treatment at KingsX, but haven’t tackled it because reasons…

I understand that the new venue generally sounds better due to the room, but I haven’t been yet.