Squeezebox power supply?

I have a Squeezebox classic with a 5volt switch mode power supply wall wart.

After looking through my odds and sods drawer for something entirely unrelated I found a nice power supply with a proper transformer in it (AC to DC) which is switchable from , 4.5, 6,7.5,9 and 12 volts, it’s 1200mA apparently.

Question is, can I safely use it on the squeezebox on say the 4.5volt setting and sit back and enjoy a glorious upgrade in sound?

32 views and no one is willing to take responsibility for me blowing up my SB, I is disappoint.

Oh yeah I was going to reply to this. 4.5 or 6 volts should be fine. I have seen about people using 6V batteries, and I think that the tolerance is 10% so 4.5V should be ok as well.

I’ve never heard of anyone frying one, so you can be first!

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Ah that’s brill, thanks, popping off to blow it up now then :+1:

Poor show really,
I was expecting a thread saying that you had blown up your squeezebox by using some old power supply you had laying around and did anyone know how to repair one?

Asking advice before you cock it up isn’t really the done thing.


Don’t give up hope, the night is young…


So, blewn up or blewn away?

Stuff happened and it didn’t happen :frowning:.

I shall try it another evening :+1: