Squeezebox Stuff

anyone know how much Squeezebox stuff goes for these days?

I’ve got:

2 x Squeezebox Touch
1 x SB3
1 x Squeezebox Radio

No idea, but enquiring minds would like to know you’re planning on replacing it with :smile:

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ok so:

SB Radio in bedroom, long replaced with a Marantz MCR601, streaming all in one mini system with a pair of Q-Acoustics 2020i. The SB Radio lived for a while on the landing, so I could listen to the radio while we were getting ready in the morning…but that has been replaced by Alexa.

SBT used in the kitchen when I had separate amps, etc…but long replaced with Naim Unitiqute2

In the main system, used to use an SBT with my AN DAC. The SBT has been replaced by an Intel NUC and a USB dongle to feed the AN DAC. Used the NUC as it offers more through our TV than just a streamer.

In the second system, which is in the office/spare room, the system just didn’t get used, as I use the speakers attached to the PC.

I do not use a subscription streaming service. I had a Tidal account but for whatever reason I rarely use it so I closed it. Most of my CDs are ripped and stored on a NAS which hosts other stuff instead of music. Some of my vinyl came with free download codes, which is good for on the move listening.

I am a lazy bugger, which means I still buy plenty of CDs, but don’t rip that often - I binge rip 10 a time, but that means I still have CD players.

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SBT with box and remote is probably £120-150

On it’s own I’d say around £100-120

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that’s more than I anticipated - definitely have remotes, and probably have boxes…