Sri Lanka

I was utterly shocked when I saw Ben Nicholson’s photo on the front page of the Times this morning. Throughout the day I’ve been trying to make sense of it.

Ben works for a client of mine and I chatted with him at length last week when I was in Singapore. He is a really lovely intelligent, successful guy and it seems unthinkable that this could have happened to him but it has.

His loss (among many others) is heart-rending, unimaginable, but his statement about his family is incredibly brave. I hope he can rebuild.

I suppose I’d become somehat innured to the individual losses and extreme pain caused by these senseless acts but today the reality crashed in.


Horrific. My heart bleeds.

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Oh my word. Just awful.

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Good, that is hideous. What a brave chap.

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Saw the pictures in the paper today. They looked like a lovely family. So my murdered.

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This the theme in most Oz papers…


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Yeah I was reading about this guy specifically this morning, and it really freaked me out. You just can’t comprehend that level of loss… poor guy. One minute you have a lovely family, and the next they are gone, thanks to the deluded selfishness of a faceless idiot. The whole incident is mind boggling in its utter waste of human life.


Agree; I’m in no way close to Ben, but the recent personal contact made the whole thing real and deeply unsettling for me, so the damage that this does to all the thousands of people who are related and/or close friends of the 300+ killed is incalculable.

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