Step up advice

Right, I know feck all regarding MCs, my mate has given me a long term loan of his Rega RP6 with Origin Live tonearm and has a Denon 103 in situ.

I have an Oto phono and a Puresound P10 (2 systems) and need advice on either a step up or different phono stage, don’t want to spend a lot to facilitate kit I don’t own.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Sort of depends how cheap you are thinking
Should be able to get a project mm/mc 2nd hand cheap
If you are thinking a few hundred,I’d change cart to a nagaoka mp150/200 or similar which you can keep once you give the deck back

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Take the 103 and smash it with hammers.

Then get summat without a conical tip. A decent mom maybe.


Or if you like the Massey Ferguson effect, two Sowter 9570s, a box, a few phono sockets and an earth post and a metal box to put it in.

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Or a different cart?

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Wondered how long it would take but very much noted.

A very kind Meatman (who has slightly less meat on his arm than he had a few days ago) is lending me something to try!


The delirium has kicked in, it’s a long journey.
Push for a cart not a bark as well

Ideally something with a low ratio, 1:10 or so.

I have a couple of possibles I could lend.

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Thanks Guy, there will be a Fidelity Research FRT-3 winging its way to me from the Casino to try first with the 103.


Should be very good :+1: