Sticky goo on vinyl

Recently bought a 2nd hand record which has a small sticky patch on it. I am putting it through several goes on the Velvet Vortex, but it doesn’t seem to be having much effect.

Can anyone suggest a safe-ish way of removing it?

Edit: I suppose I could try upping the temp on the VV to 35?

Sulfuric acid. You can thank me later :+1:

Flamin’ galah.


If it’s some kind of adhesive a couple of cleans with a stronger mix of iso propyl on a wet vac cleaner may shift it

If it’s prog you have to consider if it’s worth saving.


It’s Sonic Boom, so worth saving

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I had a similar problem. I put the bad area in the vortex but didn’t turn the rotation on. Left it for 30 min did the trick.


Thanks Mick, I’ll try that

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Spot on, Mick (or rather, sticky spot off) 1👍


Brilliant advice Mick that’s what I was going to suggest.

It shifted most of it, Tim. The water had got to 38 degrees after a couple of hours of cleaning records, so I didn’t want to leave the affected record in much longer. I reckon another session might shift the last of it.

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Is this a second hand LP or a LP you have had a longtime. I do wonder if its silicone perhaps from a Rock Turntable arm trough or perhaps a SME V arm trough hence the challenge of removing it.