Streaming all in one

Is there anything under a grand 2nd hand that does the same as one of these, but sounds better.?


It’s not the slaughterhouse go to brand I grant you but the Naim Uniti Lite was a really solid bit of kit and did the same basic thing bar CD ripping and internal drive (although it can read an external one). Support for Tidal and Spotify on board too. I thought it sounded pretty good but make of that what you will.

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It doesn’t have a screen, but it has a very good app, you can use with a phone, tablet.

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What’s so special about those? It seems expensive for a job a low spec pc can handle (albeit it’s a nice box)

Thanks. Will pass info on

Wrong question, you should be asking for someone to explain the difference between hardware and software to you.

You’re a fucking smart arse aren’t you

l given the premium I was expecting something a bit more than their own version of Kodi

I’m going to work this into at least one sentence today.


I would have thought that the Arcam Solo Uno would sound ok, and it’s £600 new at Richer Sounds. Looks like you can plug in a USB drive to it, so should do everything.

Question is, exactly what features are needed? CD drive to rip discs? Internal HD? Good integration of streaming services and own library?

Small amount of cds mainly so ideally a machine that can rip them internally and with an amp. Streaming I think via Spotify

The Brennan B2?
Looks like it does the lot, rips, streams and spotify’s.

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My first thought was a Brennan but wasn’t sure on the quality
Have to remember this is for a normal bod and not one us.

Have to admit I’ve never heard one but they do look to be a good choice for normals.


Could use this, and just plugin a usb drive, when you want to rip.

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I have the x40. Would sell :+1::grin:

You’d clearly already made up your mind and were not asking a question.

Yes that’s just what it’s like :roll_eyes:

Another vote for the en mini. Marvelous device. Thanks to @pbg for the LOL about Kodi. Very, very funny line.

If funds are really tight an Auralic Aries Mini should be about £300 second hand. Shove in a SSD and you are done.

Funny coincidence, I’ve just been for a “streaming all-in-one”, but then I was on the curry and beers last night :+1:


Someone needs to design a valve all in one with a phono so I can still faff.

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Just had a word with Pete and, voila!