Streaming Amp recos

I am going to be offloading my Suggy and BP300B amps and would like to replace them with an all-in-one Amp / Streamer thing.

Budget £5-600’'ish new or used.

Anybody use one and have any recommendations please?


Too mainstream?

Both would need to be substantially discounted somehow.


Cheap is wiim pro

I love mine,
Sorry didn’t read proper …no amp

Never heard one but the naim unity goes for around 5-600. Screens meant to be a bit rubbish though

I’m considering the Powernode Guy.

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I’ve got the earlier version of the Sonos amp and it’s a great bit of kit

Do you mean the Unitiqute? if so yes the screen on mine started dimming and then died a couple of years ago so it’s now sat in the spare room. Does seem to be a very common thing on the UnitiQute where the screen fails after a few years.

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We’ve been using the powernode for about a month in the kitchen with two 12 inch ceiling speakers. It is a pretty big room, but both myself and my wife have both commented that it doesn’t go very loud. The bass is also modest, altough adjustable.

We are pleased with it over all, but there are limitations what a box of that size can produce. Personally, I’d just buy a node and plug it into your Sugden (if that is possible?).

The Sonos “Amp” is what I use every day.

The only reason why I wouldn’t recommend it for someone starting from scratch is that it won’t play anything over 24/48.

This isn’t a real issue for me, but it might be for some.

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