Streaming and streamer advice

Hi all,
My sisters boyfriend is looking to buy a streaming solution. He wants to rip CD’s to a hard drive and stream from internet. He owns ATC integrated amp and ATC floorstanders. Not to my taste but nice gear. So looking for a streaming source to go with his amp and speakers.
I don’t know much about this gear and the whole process, any ideas on what would work well for him I think he may spend up to around £1500.
Thanks for any info or advice.

Does he need a hard drive in with it? Or will he use a nas or stand alone ?
Does he use any particular streaming company?

Has he considered a nice simple gramophone?


Open to using any of streaming services at the moment.
He would use a NAS, however I think a built in storage solution would be his favoured solution.

I suggested a turntable but he wants ultimate convenience factor.

Aurender going on eBay for 1600
Bit over price? 2tb hd.
On price if you got direct maybe?

Cheaper is an auralic or even look for a Melco.

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An Innuos Zenith. Might find a second hand one for £13-1400. All in one solution.

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Sonos connect + Spotify.

He’ll probably forget about the ripped CDs quite quickly.

Have to be honest…
With tidal I don’t even look at my hard drive content.
No tidal and I’d be stick, though. So it’s a back up.

Forgot to mention he’ll need a built in DAC or off board DAC as all he owns at present is the amp and speakers.

Bluesound Vault 2 - £1000

Rips CD’s to internal hard disk
Streams tidal etc
Built in DAC


I have no idea about this stuff so thought I would comment

Would a squeezebox with a tasty dac not do the job?

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