Stuff to do on the way From Wigan to Watford?

We’re taking Ellie and Lauren to the Harry Potter money extraction facility near Watford this weekend.

We’re driving down tomorrow (M6, M6 toll, M1) and would quite fancy breaking the journey to do something interesting on the way for 2 or 3 hours. I suggested the National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry or Bletchley Park, or going via the M40 to The National Motor Museum at Gaydon but got told to fuck off by Claire.

Any ideas? Must be close to the motorway and not extortionate.

Ikea at Wednesbury Jim st off the M6👍

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No, every time I go to Ikea, I always end up spending at least a ton, so in this circumstance it counts as extortionate . The hotdogs are cheap though…

Nip in to see Mik at Unique Audio while you’re in Herts and take home a shiny new SME arm as a souvenir of the trip.That ought to teach Claire not to dismiss the National Motor Museum option so quickly next time.


Oh FFS, she’s talking about Frisbee Golf in Leamington now :scream:

Help me Obi Wabattoir, you’re my only hope :pray:

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Birmingham v Skunks

3pm kick off

Come on the Blues :laughing:


Fuck. Right. Off. We’ve lost enough already!


Thanks, I managed to avoid that through ignorance so far but now it will take positive effort.

Unfortunately we are also heading south or I would have suggested dumping them there and testing our kettle.


The national space centre is good fun, although I think it’s a bit of a detour

Edit: yeah about 15 minute detour. I would say it’s worth it

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Good shout

Ooh, yes, very good! When the females of the house get out of their pits I shall inform them of it. Lauren in particular will enjoy that.

Bletchley park is excellent.

Could take them shopping in Milton Keynes as a sweetener. Indoor skydiving at MK if you like that sort of thing.

Something more low key, ice skating at Beckworh where my wife works. Book first though.

Edit. Space centre - good choice

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We were so late leaving home that we just drove straight to Kings Langley. Currently rocking a slight champagne buzz, which is nice.

We’re going to the space centre on Monday, Lauren the nerd is more excited about it than the Harrying Potter thing. Ellie rolled her eyes slightly less than for Bletchley Park.

Oh, just a thought, anyone nearby who fancies a pint later on (probably around 9ish) or tomorrow evening?

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it, not feeling too hot right now. @coco and @anon14766838 are also fairly local

Would be cool if I could put some faces to names at last!


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Not on the first night though, Bob. I’m old fashioned like that.

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bit tied up tomorrow evening, but otherwise we would have