Stuff your other half does that annoys you


Shh - people have been banned from here for that.


This is the kind of shit I’m talking about.

I’m lighting the burner, and suddenly from the kitchen there is commotion. I go to see what the fuss is about and Kerri is upset because the knife “won’t cut bread.” When I look, she is attempting to cut a soft tiger bloomer lengthways with a knife that is shorter than the loaf and that hasn’t been sharpened . I ask her why she is doing this and she replies that she likes to cut it lengthways and then half the pieces once they are toasted under the grill. She then gets annoyed when I suggest that next time she slices it across the loaf to end up with slices with crust all round, aren’t crushed and are the right size. I have spent the best part of five minutes carefully stretching the bread back out in the pic below, when she had finished with it, it was crushed to about an inch thick. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Buy her a decent bread knife? :scream::scream:

TK Max and prob £10…:thinking:


I’m not sure she should be allowed sharp things at-all TBH… :open_mouth:


Yes but you’ve got Ciabatta now :+1:



She would still slice it lengthways :joy:


Ciabatta does not crush up and is strong enough to withstand it lengthways - I often cut it that way.
Tiger bread is not really the easiest to deal with regarding cutting






We have sliced bread down here,surprised it hasn’t reached other parts of the country


mine simply reads my mind. This usually causes eyes to roll, and a disbelieving grin appear.



Go on, correct the spelling for her. See what happens…



Sir, I salute your cuntishness :+1:
Beware the repercussions though :skull_crossbones:


Hyper cleans plastics/ milkbottles/cans etc for recycling to save world energy ( i would like to see figures but I am unconvinced of a net saving in many cases) Fills the kettle with at least 3x the water needed.



Don’t forget to let us know what happens when she sees it!


Sliced bread is wrong.


TOP trolling, sir :+1:


Now fill it with honey and pop another jar next to it marked up as sugar. Sweetener, my arse.