Sub £200 speakers?

Sister has just purchased a Denon amp/cd/dab thing with a project essentials digital tt.

She needs speakers and doesn’t want to spend more than 200.
I’ve no idea what’s good or not at the pocket money end.
Can anyone suggest anything?

Q Acoustic 3010 seem to get good reviews, £145 at Richer Sounds.


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Think I’m getting some Q Acoustics 3020s.

Wall or free space. Stand or floor or bookshelf mounted?

Could you string sodders along for a few weeks though, before buying them for a £5 discount elsewhere?


Probably near wall.
Tbh I can’t see her taking much care in placement.

Shiny new or second hand?

Either I think.
Preferably new though.

Kef Q100 Bookshelf Speakers £199 (£399 rrp) Richer Sounds
Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf Speakers. Piano Black or White £199 Hyper.HiFi

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Q Acoustics are very good for the price but the Elac B5 also look good

She got a deal, Q 3020 £159


I heard the 3020’s with a cheap chinese FU29 valve amp and they sounded bloody good.



Sevenoaks I think.
She changed the essentials digital to the non digital with a phono box, they offered the 3020s in the deal.


Open box pair here, Mark

Walnut fail.

16yo computer says no :smile:

45 year old dad says “you’ll get what you’re bloody well given” :wink:

Ah, ok. Didn’t realise Walnut was an obstacle :grinning:

What type of music does she like? Does your sister like bass? Rear firing ports? Have you looked at Denon speakers? What model Denon Mini amp is it?